Reasons Not to Put Off Carpenter Bee Extermination in Pittsburgh, PA

Carpenter bees differ from common honey bees and bumblebees in a variety of ways. Unlike bumblebees, they are more glossy in appearance than hairy. Unlike honey bees, they don’t organize into colonies, and they don’t produce tasty treats.

Instead, carpenter bees bore holes into wood to form their homes. They can cause a good deal of damage over time, so it’s always best to look into Carpenter Bee Extermination in Pittsburgh PA as soon as homeowners have realized that they have an infestation. Read on to find out why.

Structural Damage

Since carpenter bees bore holes into wood, they can wind up, causing structural damage to buildings if an infestation is left unchecked. Most of the time, their boreholes are merely a nuisance. In some cases, though, they can wind up becoming a serious problem, and the damage they cause can be quite expensive to fix.

Unsightly Deposits

Carpenter bees tend to excrete pollen directly under their boreholes. These accumulations can be quite unsightly and embarrassing for homeowners, especially once they realize what they are. Carpenter bees also tend to leave sawdust from their excavation activities accumulating around the outside of their galleries, and these deposits are equally unlikely to go away until homeowners do something about their infestations.

Secondary Damage

Not only do carpenter bees, themselves, cause damage to wood, but they can also attract potentially damaging birds. Woodpeckers, for one, are known to enjoy eating immature carpenter bees.

This might sound like a good thing to homeowners interested in Carpenter Bee Extermination in Pittsburgh PA, but unfortunately, it’s typically not. The woodpeckers can wind up doing substantially more damage than the carpenter bees, themselves. They can wind up riddling wood with holes in their search for food without even doing any significant damage to the carpenter bee population.

Get Help Now

No homeowner wants to pay more than necessary to get rid of an unsightly and potentially damaging insect problem. Those looking for an affordable way to get rid of their carpenter bees will find that The-Beeman can help. Visit to learn more about insect and wasp control or call to get a quote today to get the extermination process started.

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