Reasons Hiring a Criminal DUI Lawyer in Tucson can be Important

A person who has had prior issues with driving under the influence or DUI charges will find their situation can be more serious if they are arrested for the same charge again. In some cases, depending on the situation and the number of charges they have had, they may be facing criminal charges. In such cases, it is extremely important they contact an experienced Criminal DUI Lawyer in Tucson as quickly as possible.

While all DUI charges can be serious, when a person continues to be charged with the same crime, things can become much more difficult. Many times, once a person is past the first offense, they will start facing mandatory penalties, which can include the loss of driving privileges and jail time. This can be very devastating for the accused person and their family as well.

By hiring an experienced lawyer from The Law Office of Thomas Wilson, the accused person will be able to have someone who has dealt with these types of cases in the past helping them with their current situation. This can be invaluable, as the lawyer will have a greater insight into how things are generally handled in similar situations.

Most DUI attorneys will spend a good amount of time going over the arrest records and any alcohol testing done at the scene so they can try to find any signs of improper police procedures. If they notice anything of significance, they can sometimes use it in having the charge dismissed by the court.

Once the case goes to court, the lawyer will play a vital role in defending their client and his or her actions. They will need to have not only evidence but also witnesses who can back up the accused person’s version of events and to provide information to dispute the prosecutor’s version of the event. This can often be the determining factor in a ruling of guilty or innocent.

While they may not be able to avoid a conviction, sometimes they can point out reasons the defendant should not be sentenced with some of the harsher punishments the judge can impose on the person. Click here for more details.

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