Reasons for Upgrades and Furnace Repair in Appleton, WI

Many homes get heat from forced-air furnaces that provide efficient, safe heating. Today’s furnaces are greatly improved over those from just a few years ago. Even if a furnace has worked reliably for years, it may be worthwhile to replace it with a new, efficient model rather than have furnace repair in Appleton WI. Below are five important benefits of a furnace upgrade.

Lower Utility Bills

Whether a homeowner realizes it, the home’s current furnace could be to blame for higher utility bills. If the furnace is 20 years old, it may not heat the home as well as a new model would. Today’s models come with energy-efficiency ratings up to 98%. Even if the furnace has been replaced in the last decade, technology is advanced enough to justify an upgrade. Today’s heating units include modulated gas valves that adjust heat to match the outdoor temperature, providing precise comfort and high efficiency.

Less-Frequent Repairs

The cost of furnace repair in Appleton WI can quickly add up if the furnace breaks down frequently. Routine maintenance can cut the need for expensive repairs, but aging furnaces need more frequent upkeep. If the furnace in a home needs significant upkeep, it may be time for an upgrade. Most of today’s residential furnaces come with ten-year parts and labor warranties for worry-free comfort.

Consistent Heating

While maintaining a consistent temperature is a multi-faceted process involving factors such as thermostat control and insulation, the furnace could be part of the reason why certain parts of the home don’t get enough heat. Hot and cold spots and higher utility bills could indicate the need for furnace replacement, and today’s efficient units use up to 80% less electricity than older models. These may be left on year-round for a low cost, and they can help to clean and circulate air within the home.

No matter how long the furnace has been in the home, it is always best for a customer to speak with a licensed, qualified HVAC contractor about upgrades. Call or visit Bob’s quality heating & cooling today to talk with an expert about furnace replacement.

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