Reasons Adults Should Consider Seeing an Invisalign Dentist in Tulsa for Issues with their Teeth

Very often people with crooked or misaligned teeth may not be able to have their issues corrected until they are an adult. While having typical metal braces is still an option for an adult, many times it may not be a good choice for their lifestyle. Since many adults may already be pursuing their career, having a mouth full of metal braces may be a hinderance in their work setting. In such situations, they may want to consider seeing an Invisalign Dentist in Tulsa to explore this treatment option.

This type of treatment is done by using clear trays to gently shift the teeth into correct alignment. The Invisalign Dentist in Tulsa will first take molds of the patient’s teeth. The molds will be used to create the first set of Invisalign trays. This set of trays will be just slightly different in the alignment of the patient’s teeth. The trays will fit on the teeth and gradually begin moving them until their placement matches the tray. This can take a period of time. However, once this is accomplished, the next set of trays will be created to move the teeth a bit more. Depending on the patient’s issues, it can take several trays before the teeth are moved into their proper spots.

Dentists like, Carletti Dentistry and Associates can use Invisalign treatments to correct crooked and misaligned teeth as successfully as traditional braces. However, this type of treatment is not as prominent. This is because the trays are created out of a material, which is clear. This means that even if the patient is wearing the trays while they are speaking or smiling, they will be less likely to be noticed by most people. This can be ideal for many professional situations where having traditional braces may give clients or colleagues the wrong impression of the patient.

In addition, the trays are removable so if a situation arises where the patient cannot wear the trays for a period of time, they can be removed. This can be especially beneficial if the patient must make a speech or have pictures taken. By being able to remove the trays, they can tend to their duties and replace them when the event has concluded. This can make them a great option for many adults.

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