Real vs. Fake Diamonds: What Are the Warning Signs?

When you’re offered a piece of diamond jewelry at a suspiciously low price, you have every reason to be cautioned. Obtaining diamonds is a skilled craft that takes time and dedication to perfect. If you are curious about a specific diamond you’ve obtained, or you’re worried about whether your diamond is real or fake, you can follow our simple guide to help you sort out the prizes from the duds.

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1. How Is It Set?

If you are looking at a piece of diamond jewelry where the diamond is already set, look at the quality of the ring. Is it yellow gold, white gold, or platinum? If not, then it’s probably fake. The reasoning for this one is simple: Diamonds are expensive, so they will be set in an expensive ring. There’s no reason to use cheaper metals and materials to hold something as powerful and exquisite as a diamond.

2. Look at the Engraving

Another easy way to tell if a diamond is real or fake is to look at the engraving, or stamping, on the stone. If it is marked with “C.Z”, that stands for cubic zirconia – and is therefore not a real diamond. It is an alternative gemstone that often runs much cheaper in jewelry stores.

3. Use the Water Test

The water test is a foolproof way to test a diamond’s authenticity. Fill a cup with water and drop the diamond into the glass. If it sinks, it’s real. If it floats, it’s fake! Real diamond stones are extremely dense, and will sink in less-dense liquids.

4. Use the Heat Test

Go ahead and subject your stone to a high amount of heat. A real diamond will be able to withstand any temperature, as it is completely fortified against heat. If it’s fake, it will shatter into a hundred pieces. Make sure to exercise caution and use fireproof gloves while performing this test, as you wouldn’t want to hurt yourself!

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