Railing Installation In Hawaii Can Offer Additional Beauty And Safety

The salt water environment in Hawaii can easily destroy metal railings and make them unsafe. A premier line of corrosion proof powder coating railings is available for new construction or renovations of older buildings. Combining safety and a corrosion proof railing system can save an owner money for many years to come. The Railcraft line of products stands out due to their long life and lack of corrosion. All of the railings are protected by a top-of-the-line AAMA 2605 fluoropolymer powder coating system. AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers Association. It has stringent standards for grading architectural coatings. Railcraft is the only railing manufacturer to obtain an AAMA 2605 certification.

Another added feature of a Railcraft Railing Installation in Hawaii is all of the pieces are welded at the Railcraft facilities. The parts include the top caps, pickets, bottom rails, and posts. A welded railing system is much stronger than an interlocking system that snaps together. Connections in a railing system are usually the first thing to fail on a guardrail system, and this is why a welded system is a better choice because it will extend the life of the railing.

Older railing systems that are being replaced or retrofitted must be replicated to conform with the other railing systems on the building. The flexibility of duplicating the exact design that is currently in place eliminates the hassle of obtaining permission for design changes when a Railing Installation in Hawaii occurs. This new type of railing offers hundreds of different gloss and color options. There are dozens of cap designs, component sizes and different mounting methods available. If a customer is interested in a matching trellis, cabana system, matching trellis, decorative panels, or security gates, a trained staff at Structural Systems Inc can help.

An investment in a railing product that has zero failures can save an owner time and money in the future. A sturdy and corrosion-proof railing system that is welded together can provide a safe barrier for balconies or bridges for many years to come. Don’t put that renovation or retrofitting off any longer. Enjoy the modern look with the design and flexibility anyone needs.

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