Quick Identifiers When Buying Rolex Watches in Colorado Springs

Whether you’re in search of Rolex watches in Colorado Springs for yourself or you’re looking to purchase one for that special person in your life there are some things you need to consider. Rolex, is most certainly a name that needs no introduction as it has been around for a while. While on the more expensive side of timepieces, adding one of these to your collection could most certainly be rather impressive. If this is your first time shopping for a Rolex these tips below will help you to make sure you get an authentic watch that you can enjoy for years to come.

Authorized Dealers Only

Only an authorized dealer can sell you a brand new Rolex watch that comes with a factory warranty. You should check to ensure that the vendor you’re purchasing from has proof of their ability to sell such watches. If they do not have one available, chances are the watches are either used or replicas.

Check the Bands

When checking out the watch selections be sure to look at the band. All of the links on your watch’s band should be straight and flow with the rest of the pattern. If you hold it up to a light and notice that the band is knotted up, this is not a good choice of watches and you should continue your search.

Sound and Holograms

One of the most identifiable signs of a fake Rolex watch is if the second hand makes a ticking noise. Rolex watches should not tick, but should instead have a smooth running second hand that goes around the clock. The final identifier of a true Rolex watch is the sticker on the back. Real Rolexes have a Hologram sticker on the back which is also encoded. There should be a unique reference number on the sticker along with the crown logo that changes appearances as you move it from one direction to another.

Keeping these key identifiers in mind as you begin searching for rolex watches in Colorado Springs is the best way to ensure you’re getting the real thing. For what you’re going to be investing in this classic timepiece, it is important that it be of the best quality.

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