Questions to Ask When Choosing a Storage Company in Fremont NE

Where storage facilities are concerned, many people believe they are all identical. However, there are many distinguishing characteristics between facilities. Below, readers can learn how to weigh these characteristics to determine which option is right for their needs, their belongings and their budget.

Which Unit Sizes are Available for Rent?

The customer’s first step is to estimate his or her storage needs by considering the size and quantity of items to be stored. If one only needs to store a trailer or recreational watercraft, an 8×13 unit may be appropriate. Conversely, if a person is in between homes and they’re renting a short-term apartment, they may need a larger unit such as a 10×20. The Storage Company in Fremont NE should have a unit in the right size, so the customer only pays for the space they need.

What Type of Security Features Does the Customer Need?

Customers rent storage units with the expectation that their belongings will be protected during the rental term. Therefore, it’s important to find a facility with a strong security program. Grounds and perimeter monitoring are two of the most important features, and they can provide customers with the reassurance they need.

What’s the Monthly Cost?

Whether a customer needs to store some Christmas decorations or they’re between permanent homes, they shouldn’t have to pay a bundle to get the storage space they need. Find a Storage Company in Fremont NE that is budget-friendly and ask for the current specials during the initial call.

Does the Facility Have Any Other Beneficial Features?

Even if a customer is thinking of choosing a certain facility, another place’s amenities and features may make it a better deal. For instance, the free availability of moving carts and other extras, as well as a friendly and helpful staff, can make a substantial difference in a person’s selection.

The professional, polite and knowledgeable staff at Holiday Van & Storage offers a wide variety of storage units, in sizes and prices that can meet any customer’s needs and budget. Browse the website or call the office to discuss any of the facility’s many specials.

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