Questions to Ask Prior to Excavation in Branford CT

Excavation in Branford, CT is a major component of any new paving project. How much earth is excavated, what angles will be created by excavation, and what material is placed in the area once it is excavated are all issues that have a direct effect on the completed project. Excavation determines how well the area will drain after heavy rains, after being washed, and after any flooding or other water damage. If an inclined driveway, for example, is not excavated at the right angle, water will build up under the surface and cause damage. The results will be cracking, crumbling, and costly repairs. Resurfacing or replacement of the whole driveway can be the result in extreme cases.

There are many companies that provide excavation in Branford, CT, so it is essential to compare processes, experience, and attention to detail before selecting one. Quick excavation prior to paving, for example, may lead to problems in the future. The condition of the soil or current surface has to be assessed to determine drainage needs. The depth of excavation should be decided by in-house engineers. The stone base used has to be configured to suit the purpose of the pavement, the anticipated weight on the pavement, and the climate conditions typical for the area. Any mistakes regarding excavation will have an impact on the functionality, durability, and longevity of the finished project.

The importance of excavation is high in any type of paving project. It does not matter if it is a residential drive or walkway, a commercial parking lot, or a municipal tennis court. Customers should not hesitate to ask how the depth of excavation is determined, what the depth will be for that specific project, and what type of materials will be used for the stone base. How much material will be added prior to the layers of asphalt or concrete is also an important question to ask. In addition to drainage issues, the foundation of the surface also makes a significant difference in how evenly the surface will wear down, how well it will absorb shock, and how well it will resist staining.

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