Questions To Ask Apollo Valve Distributors

Some names just rise to the surface when talking about specific components in the plumbing and construction industries. These are more than a brand name, with the specific brand and manufacturer becoming synonymous with quality, dependability and even innovations that keep up with current technology.

When it comes to commercial valves, looking for approved Apollo valve distributors will provide this type of quality assurance. The Apollo valve line is made in the United States. The company was formed in 1928 in Detroit as the Consolidated Brass Company. Today, it is still operating in the United States, but now goes by the name of Conbraco Industries.

The Benefits

By using approved Apollo valve distributors, you can be assured you will receive authentic Apollo valves. These companies will typically offer the full line of Apollo products including backflow prevention components, control valves and commercial valves for all waterworks. Not all distributors will have the same inventory on hand, which may be a consideration based on the specifics of your order and if it is a one-time need or an ongoing order for a major waterworks project.

The valves themselves come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer plus they are designed to have very low maintenance requirements. Each valve also comes with a stainless steel handle, making them easy to turn on or off even with years of exposure to harsh environments and conditions.

Consideration for Options

Working with Apollo valve distributors can provide valuable insight into the right valve for the job. The brand includes different types of valves made from alloys such as stainless steel, brass, bronze, iron and special alloys. Knowing which valve is the best option is a matter of knowing the conditions where the valve will be installed and selecting a material and a valve type that is going to last and be effective.

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