Questions to Ask an Implant Dentist in Mankato, MN

Receiving the news that a few teeth have to go is not what the patient expected. Fortunately, the dentist does have some good news. Owing to the strength of the bone structure, the patient is an excellent candidate for dental implants. Before making a decision, it pays to talk with an implant dentist in Mankato MN and ask a few questions. Here are some examples to consider.

Will It Hurt?

People already understand there is some amount of discomfort involved after a tooth is extracted. That makes it natural for them to wonder if the pain will be greater if an implant is inserted right after the socket is vacated. The Implant Dentist in Mankato MN will frankly tell the patient that some amount of discomfort will take place. The nice thing is that the pain is not likely to be any worse than the sensations people normally experience after an extraction.

To help with the pain and also reduce the potential for infection, the dentist will provide instructions about what type of over the counter medication to take. Remember it will need to be something that will not thin the blood. Should the dentist find any signs of an infection once the tooth is out, there’s also the possibility of receiving a prescription for antibiotics.

What About Sensitivity in the Weeks to Come?

It will take a few weeks for the permanent cap to be ready. In the meantime, the implant is covered with a temporary cap. Many people do notice that the area will be more sensitive to heat and cold for a period of time. Choosing to use a straw or to only drink beverages that are closer to room temperature will be a good idea, at least for a week or two.

Wouldn’t a Partial Work Just as Well?

The implant will look more natural than the partial. In addition, a partial does require more effort to keep clean. It may also be dislodged with greater ease. Once the permanent cap is on the implant, people will find it hard to tell it from the natural teeth. The fact that it stays firmly in place is also a plus.

If the time is coming to part with a tooth, Schedule an appointment today. Talk with the dentist about an implant. It could be just what the patient needs.

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