Questions and Answers About Doctors Close To Kihei HI At An Urgent Care Clinic

When residents and tourists in Kihei, Hawaii require medical care, they need to see a doctor as quickly as possible. Symptoms can get worse if individuals have to wait for days to get an appointment at a doctor’s office. Read the questions and answers below to learn important information about an urgent care clinic with Doctors close to Kihei HI.

What kind of medical care can individuals receive at an urgent care clinic?

Physicians who practice an at urgent care clinic can provide various services for individuals who need immediate medical care. The types of services they provide include immunizations, TB testing, wound treatment, hormone therapy and minor emergency care. These clinics also perform physicals for school children who participate in sports.

Individuals who need prescription refills can visit the clinic to get the medications they need. This service is very convenient for visiting tourists who run out of their medication and need to get their prescription refilled quickly. Some prescriptions can even be filled at the clinic pharmacy.

What are the advantages of visiting an urgent care clinic?

When individuals need medical attention, they don’t need to make an appointment to see a physician at an urgent care clinic. Individuals can walk into the clinic and see a doctor during the week or on the weekend.

After arriving at an urgent care clinic, individuals won’t have to wait very long to see a doctor. When visiting an emergency room, individuals often have to wait several hours before they receive treatment. An urgent care clinic is also less expensive than a visit to a doctor’s office or an emergency room and most major insurances are accepted.

Tourists who are unable to see their regular physician can receive treatment from Doctors close to Kihei HI when they need immediate medical care. Urgent care centers are a convenient and budget friendly option for individuals who are away from home.

Individuals who need urgent medical care in Hawaii can visit Wailea Medical Center for immediate treatment. This facility provides medical care for individuals of all ages. Minor emergencies, such as insect stings, earaches and lacerations, can also be treated at the clinic. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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