Quality Truck Fleet Washing in Fort Worth TX

The transportation industry utilizes eighteen-wheelers and other large carriers to transport their goods from the supplier to the retailer. Transportation normally takes from one hour to ten hours to transport the goods to the destination. During this time frame, the vehicle is marked with the company logo and viewable to all travelers on the road. To maximize the marketing of the company and its products, the driver of the vehicle attempts to keep the vehicle clean at all times. This is a difficult task because the driver is on a set schedule and rarely has time to take the trailer for cleaning. Also, during travel, the road has many remnants that adhere to the trailer, making it appear dirty and dulling the logo.

To combat this issue, the driver can contact a mobile Fleet Washing company to wash the trailer and the truck while they are at a rest stop or at home. If the driver is in Texas and wants Fleet Washing Service in Fort Worth TX has many portable washing services available. Each of them carries industry quality washing equipment that can thoroughly clean the wheels of the box truck as well as the side rails of the trailer. The soap used compliments the vehicle cleaning and does not strip the paint from the logos. A hand wash brush is also used to clean the tougher portions of the vehicle. After the cleaning is completed, the truck is rinsed with fresh water and an optional extra layer of protection. The cleaning usually takes less than fifteen minutes and at the end a water recovery system is utilized to help remove excess water from the property.

If you are in need of Fleet Washing Fort Worth TX has many to choose from. Before you make your final selection, you should compare each company’s features, contracts and pricing. You may find that, although many of the features are the same amongst the businesses, the pricing may vary. Also, some companies limit the areas where they will drive to service your vehicle. Some other companies also offer the customer environmentally friendly products to use on the vehicle versus industry used chemicals.

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