Qualities to Look for in New Residential Air Conditioning Systems

The contractor just delivered news that the homeowner had hoped to avoid. That old heating and cooling system has finally forced its last bit of air through the duct system. This means the owner is faced with the task of looking at multiple Residential Air Conditioning Systems and choosing one that is right for the family. To help with the process, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Large Enough to Do the Job
Focus the search on Residential Air Conditioning Systems that are capable of keeping the home comfortable without having to run constantly. Finding the right balance is not as easy as some people think. A unit that runs constantly is consuming a lot of energies and will likely wear out in a shorter period of time. A unit that is too large will have the place much colder than desired, followed by periods when things get a little too warm. A professional can help narrow the range of choices by taking into consideration factors like the square footage of the home, and the number and condition of windows in the structure.

Energy Rating
While investigating different systems, pay close attention to the energy rating. The goal is to choose a system that keeps the home comfortable while using the least amount of energy. While units of this type usually cost more up front, they pay for themselves in the form of lower utility bills each month.

Bells and Whistles
The homeowner may be surprised at how many features are available with the units on the market today. Perhaps a unit that can be operated with a remote control would be nice. A system that can be connected with a computer controlled security system means the homeowner can make changes in the settings when not at home. Take the time to explore these and other options, and it will not be hard to find something that offers the right mix of features.

For help with the selection and installation of that new system, call the team at Poudre Valley Air today. A contractor can provide input that leads to settling on the right system, and ensure that the installation goes off without a hitch.

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