Qualities to Look for in a Landscaping Service

Just about everyone likes the look of a well-manicured lawn, but not everyone has the time to do all the work required. That calls for hiring a Landscaping Service to come in and take care of everything from mowing the grass to weeding the flower beds. Here are some tips on how to find the ideal service for the job.

Focus on Residential Landscaping

One of the first things to determine is if the Landscaping Service takes on residential projects. Some firms focus solely on commercial properties and do not take on residential clients. Typically, a quick call or a look at the website operated by the business will make it possible to know if talking with anyone about the upkeep of the yard is something they would be interested in doing.

Taking a Look at the Work

After identifying a service that seems like a good fit, ask to see some samples of their work. Driving by and taking a look at some of the other yards they maintain will be enough to determine if they are a good fit. The goal is to look at yards with similar elements. For example, if the landscape of the potential client includes several islands or would involve edging around paved walkways, noticing the care taken with a yard that contains those same elements will make it easier to decide if the firm is worth trying.

The Overall Cost

Always talk with a contractor and find out what the monthly cost would be to maintain the yards. Feel free to compare that quote with what similar firms are offering. Keep in mind the focus is mainly on how nice the yards will look after they are finished and not the price. Unless a similar firm will do just as good a job for a lower price, stick with the landscaper who is known to do excellent work.

For anyone who needs help with the upkeep and maintenance of the yard, contact the team at Fox Valley Tree Care today. It will not take long to determine what needs to be done on a recurring basis and set up a schedule that works for both parties.

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