Putting Your Best Foot Forward: How Back and Hip Pain Treatment in Racine, WI May Not Involve the Hips or Back

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Podiatry

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Continuous hip and back pain may actually have nothing to do with the hips or the back. In many people, the pain begins due to injuries or disorders of the feet. Sore, tired feet are common problems. So common that many people ignore them, blame their old shoes or believe they just need to sit down for a while. However, since ignoring that pain is commonplace, it is often not remembered when the hips are sore, or the back begins to ache.

The reason many foot problems eventually become felt in the hips or back is how people choose to manage them. In many instances, people with foot pain will adjust how they walk, by changing where they put pressure on their feet. Someone with an injured heel may place more pressure on their toes; a bad toe could encourage someone to walk on their heel more firmly than usual. A single injured ankle may not just cause someone to limp, but put their hips off-center. Eventually, this will lead to pain in other parts of the body, often starting after the foot pain has gone away. This can make it seem to the sufferer as if it is completely unrelated.

Back Hip Pain Treatment in Racine WI often begins with the feet for this reason. If there has been no obvious injury to the hips or the back, the feet are a good place to start when seeking a cause of the pain. A doctor will look for signs of injury or disease in the feet and check for an abnormal gait. In some instances, there may be an easily treated problem, like not wearing high heels as often, choosing shoes in the correct size and adding arch supports.

Back Hip Pain Treatment in Racine WI is the valuable resource for anyone suffering from the tiring effects of living in constant pain. With the proper therapy or medical treatment, anyone can finally receive some relief. To learn more about common foot and ankle problems, and the treatment methods available for these concerns, check out this site. If back and hip pain are not going away or fail to get better after treatment, schedule a consultation with a podiatrist to learn more about the importance of good foot care.