Pursue Justice for Your Loved One by Contacting a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Rockland County, NY

Those moments when someone learns that their loved one will never be with them again are burned into their minds and hearts. Learning that the life of their husband, wife, son or daughter has been cut unbearably short because someone else was negligent can cause an explosion of emotions. Grief and anger can be volcanic in intensity. For many, those feelings ultimately become transformed into a quest for justice for the one that they have lost.

The courts are the venue that we use to fight for justice. New York wrongful death laws are surprising to many who encounter them. No value can be put upon grief. Recovery is limited to economic losses suffered by the surviving dependents (generally, the loss of present and future paychecks earned by the wage earner) and to pain and suffering the victim experienced prior to death. Unique circumstances can occasionally expand those rules. For example, children may be able to recover for loss of parental guidance. Wrongful death cases are also subject to a two year statute of limitations.

In all injury or wrongful death cases, it is better to contact an experienced attorney sooner rather than later. Security camera tapes could be lost or over-written, witnesses move or otherwise become unavailable and the police investigation may not have been thorough. Someone might have taken pictures with their cell phone that would be invaluable for discovering and proving exactly what happened. The attorney will have the resources available for a thorough investigation.

Rockland Injury Lawyers have been strong advocates for the rights of those injured by the negligence of another for over 25 years. The lawyers are equally passionate and effective when representing survivors in a wrongful death case. Jeffrey M. Adams has made it his mission to promote and protect the rights of injured people. His practice is focused on litigating to obtain just compensation for his clients. Mr. Adams has a well-earned reputation as a straight shooter, giving his clients the benefit of his extensive experience when evaluating their cases so that they can make informed decisions. Reuven Epstein believes in combining compassion and knowledge, acknowledging the stress his clients are experiencing while applying his extensive knowledge of the law to their cases. Anyone who believes that they need to speak with a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Rockland County, NY to examine their options should call for a free and confidential consultation.

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