Puppy Training Classes in Chicago Teach Dogs to Live a Big Life

The Chicago Canine Academy is a dog training facility in the northwestern part of the city. Their philosophy is that dogs, in order to be healthy and happy, should be allowed to live a big life as much as possible, the way they were born to be. That means not being tethered to leashes, but running free. However, an untrained dog running free is a recipe for disaster. The dog could simply run too fast and too far and get lost, get stolen, or get hit by a car. That’s where the Chicago Canine Academy comes in. They offer Puppy Training Classes in Chicago as well as classes for adult dogs. They don’t just train the dogs; they train the owners, too.

The trainers teach the dogs and teach the owners how to continue teaching the dogs how to behave and live off the leash. They believe that dog behavioral problems like aggression, chewing, digging, barking, and separation anxiety, among other behaviors, are due to the dogs being frustrated that they cannot run free as their ancestors did. They believe that the dogs are not getting enough exercise, and that it’s impossible for dogs to get as much exercise as they need when they are on the leash. Humans don’t walk faster than three miles per hour, and that is too slow for a dog to be able to get the right amount of exercise. Dogs want to stretch and reach and run fast, and they get frustrated when they are held back by a leash.

In their Puppy Training Classes in Chicago and in their classes for adult dogs, the trainers pay attention to each individual animal and listen to the owner’s description to figure out what each individual dog’s issues and triggers are. Then, the dog is trained and guided with special focus on teaching that dog to overcome any particular problems so that the dog can be completely safe and trustworthy off the leash. Training and correction is unemotional and is not prompted by anger. They also focus on motivating dogs with praise. Overall, the goal of the training is to allow each dog to fully live a big life.