Protecting Your Pennsylvania Yard and Trees From The Spotted Lanternfly

There is a wide variety of insects that is known to cause significant harm to crops, trees, and plantings throughout North America. Knowing how to identify and understand these insects can be vital in protecting your trees, gardens, and plantings.

The Spotted Lanternfly

One of the insect breeds that is not native to North America but has become quite problematic is the Spotted Lanternfly. This insect looks similar to a moth but has some distinct features that make it significantly different from a moth.

The lanternfly can move both by flying and hopping and lives off the sap of plants. Both the nymphs and the adult insects feed off the sap of plants and trees. They are often found swarming around plants that they are feeding from.

Damage and Spread

The Spotted Lanternfly in Bethlehem, PA, are not native insects to the region or the North American continent. In fact, these invasive species come from Asia and are most widely known to reside in China, Vietnam, and India. They can often be found on fruit and nut trees and can cause extensive damage. In addition to draining these trees of their nutrients, they can leave a honey-dew residue, which can cause a mold growth problem on the plants and trees, which causes further damage.

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