Protect Your Business and Customers With Commercial Refrigeration Services in Kansas City

Commercial refrigeration is a bit different than the household version. In most homes the refrigeration and freezer systems are simple cabinet units designed to keep a small amount food for a limited amount of time. In commercial applications the refrigerator may be an insulated room with a refrigeration system mounted on the wall. So, while the scientific principles are the same the circumstances are a bit different. Commercial systems need to maintain specific temperatures for the full twenty four hours they operate in spite of the door opening most of the time. Many units also require specific defrost cycles and even special defrost methods depending on the system installed.

Keeping your commercial refrigeration or freezer systems functional requires specific Commercial Refrigeration Services in Kansas City. The technicians need to be able to repair coolant coils, electrical components and fan systems. For example, the condenser fan system is crucial to the proper function of the refrigeration system. The condenser is used to move the coolant between the interior of the box where the evaporator coil is and the exterior where the condensing coil is located. This allows the evaporator coil to collect any residual heat in the refrigeration room so it can be released outside by the condensing coil. Refrigeration systems typically use a thermostat to help control the condenser system. When the temperature increases to a certain point the condenser will kick in and cycle the refrigerant. In some systems there are cut-on and cut-off time delays to keep the unit from working excessively.

Commercial Refrigeration Services in Kansas City can cover a variety of applications from the common walk in cooler used in restaurants to simple water cooling systems for drinking purposes. Major manufacturers may use refrigeration in certain manufacturing processes and merchants use enormous refrigeration units for cooling warehouse storage for perishable foods. These units include standard refrigeration devices as well as freezer class devices. For instance, large warehouses for grocery chains can use huge freezers for meat and prepared food storage so the food never changes temperature from the time they receive it to the time it’s delivered to the store. Important systems like these are the reason why companies like Ross Mechanical Inc work so hard to keep your refrigeration running properly.

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