Pros and Cons of Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs

An engagement ring should be special, so some guys would prefer to give their brides-to-be something unique rather than just choosing a ring from a tray at a chain jewelry store. One way to do this is to consider custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs.

Potential Benefits

The main benefit of designing a custom ring is that it will be one of a kind and nobody else will have the same ring. You can design a ring that will perfectly suit the bride’s lifestyle, personality, and taste. The ring will be a personalized keepsake with a story behind it, making it more special. You can even get matching wedding bands for both the bride and groom designed at the same time so they’ll all go together and be a unifying symbol of your marriage.

Potential Considerations

The big drawback of designing custom diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs is that you can’t try them on before they’re made (although some places offer CAD drawings so you can get a good idea of the overall look), and they aren’t returnable. Another consideration is that these rings aren’t ready to buy right away, the process takes some time so you need to get the process started early and give it at least a few months, depending on the design. It typically takes multiple meetings with the jewelry designer before the ring production can even get started. Finally, a custom ring can cost two to three times as much as a ready-made ring with similar stones.

Making It Easier

In some cases, you can get around some of the drawbacks by modifying an existing ring design. This may make it faster to get the ring and give you a better idea of what the final ring will look like. Perhaps get different stones, change the metal used, or combine the features you like best from a couple of existing alternatives. You’ll still have something unique, but it won’t take as much time and as many meetings with the designer as coming up with a ring from an idea and a few simple sketches.

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