Property Owners Planning Tree Planting in East Lyme CT Should Avoid Chinese Sumac

People who have just bought residential property may be excited about the prospect of tree planting in East Lyme, CT. They are likely to have considered how they want their landscaping to look, and trees are a big part of that. Individuals who like the look of sumac should realize that Chinese sumac, although beautiful, is an invasive species in this part of the country. Property owners should avoid planting this species because its seeds can quickly spread to other lots and acreage, causing problems as it crowds out native and more suitable trees.

Once Chinese sumac has been in place for more than three months, the root structure makes it very difficult to remove permanently. It grows taller than the average adult human being within a year and eventually can grow to a full 100 ft. in height. One tree can generate more than a quarter of a million seeds in the spring. These seeds are very light and easily blown by the wind. Unlike tree seeds of many other species, these little invaders tend to take hold in the ground quite easily and quickly reproduce new Chinese sumac plants. Also, seeds are not the only reproductive measure for this tree. The plant sends out suckers once it’s fully rooted, which can pop up at some distance to the original tree.

The loveliness of this tree has encouraged people to give it the name Tree of Heaven. It may be so in Asia, but not in the northeastern United States. Botanically known as Ailanthus altissima, this plant is actually considered an aggressive weed in Connecticut. Property owners who are eager to do tree planting in East Lyme, CT are encouraged to consider other colorful species, including other sumac trees that turn bright red in fall but are not problematic in this environment. Staghorn sumac is an example. Maple trees also are spectacular in their dramatic colors when autumn sets in. People who want these impressive hues in their yard might talk with representatives from a company such as Dunn’s Tree Service to learn the best options. Click here for more information on this particular organization.

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