Properly Caring For Womens Wigs Arizona

When someone is in need of one of the Womens Wigs Arizona to improve their appearance or change it dramatically, there is a need to take steps in protecting it from wear. Taking the time to maintain a wig will ensure it is ready to wear at any time and will increase the length of its life.

Here are some steps a new wig owner can take to keep their hair piece in the best of condition for as long as possible.

Remove The Wig When Sleeping

It is best to take off a wig when sleeping. This will ensure the hair strands do not become tangled and that friction often present when the head moves around does not cause damage to the wig. The best place to keep a wig when sleeping is on a plastic or foam circular head model. These can be purchased from a wig shop for holding purposes. The wig will then retain its original shape so it looks its best when worn after being stored.

Use The Right Tactics When Cleaning

When washing a wig, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to do the job. A wig store will make recommendations on products that will work well with the specific fibers the wig is constructed from. Place the cleaner in the palm of the hand and gently move over the strands of the wig to cover them. Use cool water to remove the cleaning agent without rubbing the strands of hair in the process of

Avoid Using Heat Or Color Without Assistance

Do not use a hair dryer to dry a wig as excessive temperature could cause melting to occur. Instead, place the wig upon a towel after cleaning the strands to help soak up moisture and allow the hair to air dry. It is best to hire a professional to help with coloring a wig if desired.

When looking for Womens Wigs Arizona, consider contacting a reputable supplier in the area. Check out Donte’s of New York to see their wig selection and to ask questions about the care of a new wig if desired.