Proper Installation and Maintenance Protects an Asphalt Driveway in Norwich

A well-maintained Asphalt Driveway in Norwich provides an attractive and safe place for people to park their cars or to enter their garage. Installing a paved driveway is similar to constructing a small road. Therefore, it is important to hire experienced paving contractors. They will carefully evaluate the lot’s topography and soils to determine how much water will run under the driveway. Water is the biggest threat to pavement. If there is inadequate drainage under the driveway, the water will settle there. During the winter, the water will freeze and expand. This change in size will cause the pavement to shift. It will begin with the lower layers of pavement and eventually cause the top layers to cave in. This results in potholes.

Any paved surface consists of several layers. A base layer made up of coarse gravel, two layers of coarse pavement and a top layer of finer pavement. The depth of these layers is determined by individual site conditions. Once the contractor has determined how deep these layers need to be, they will excavate the Asphalt Driveway in Norwich. This depth can vary from six inches to a foot. The gravel layer ensures that water can freely flow under the pavement. The next layers provide strength to support vehicles and also help to prevent water damage. These are more flexible than the top layer of pavement. The top layer is the strongest and least flexible of all the pavement layers. It also is the least permeable and prevents water from seeping down through the pavement.

Regular maintenance will protect the driveway. Every two years a paving contractor should inspect it. They will determine if it needs sealcoating. This rejuvenates the pavement and keeps it from drying out. Extreme weather conditions may cause the driveway to need more frequent maintenance. If the homeowner notices that the driveway turning gray or white, this is a sign that it is oxidizing or rusting. Sealcoating can reverse this process, if it is done quickly. Very cold winters can also result in small cracks. If these aren’t repaired water, will seep down into the asphalt. Proper maintenance can double the life of the driveway. Click here for more details.

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