Propane Gas Safety Tips in Brookfield CT

Propane Gas is one of the most widely used forms of heating, and cooking, in the world today. Many people who have used any type of gas to heat and cook refuse to go back to the electric way of doing things. However, with using propane gas in Brookfield CT services comes responsibly. Propane is nothing to play with and can easily kill you if you aren’t careful and use it in the proper manner. Below you will find some tips on how to use your propane in the way that is safest for you, your home, and your family.

The first thing you will need to do is educate your family on propane and its dangers. A propane leak smells like rotten eggs. If you smell this smell, you need to get out of the house right away, and call for help. It is very important to remember that as you leave the premises, you will not want to switch on or off anything electric. If there is a leak, the whole place could blow. Just leave everything as it is, leave the home, and call for help.

There are also propane leak detection kits that you can get at your local propane store. It’s better to know that the leak is there ahead of time for sure. You need to know the exact location of your gas lines and also know a technician that you can have come out in case of an emergency, such as a leak or a major appliance that is run by gas going on the fritz.

If the flames in your pilot light or on your stove and oven, aren’t burning blue, you need to turn them off and do not turn the back on until a technician can get there to check out the problem. Gas is nothing to play with, it is deadly, and if not handled properly can hurt or kill you. The Propane Gas Brookfield CT professionals will be happy to check out your unit for you and let you know if it is safe to use. Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry, get your propane checked before lighting it.