Projects That Can Be Completed by a Cleaning Service in Long Island

Hiring a home Cleaning Service in Long Island is an excellent way to gain more free time when life is really busy. People with full schedules often let the bigger cleaning tasks go until the work seems too much to deal with. Over time, they also realize dust has accumulated, the kitchen floor needs to be washed and the bathtub should really be scrubbed.

Start With a Deep Clean

When the home has been neglected like this for a while, a Cleaning Service in Long Island starts with a deep clean of the building. The workers complete tasks that should be done at least biweekly and also do everything else that has been ignored. In addition to dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms, they’ll wash windows, mirrors and light fixtures. They eliminate dust webs from ceiling corners and around window sills.

Caring for Antiques and Other Valuable Items

Some homes have a large number of antique and other valuable items that must be treated with special care. Customers of a company such as Ace Home Cleaning know they can trust the workers to never cause any damage during their weekly or biweekly service. These housecleaners respect all the property in the home and are careful not to use harsh cleansers on items that require a gentle touch.

Special Service

Customers can also request special one-time service as needed. For instance, if they have a big party one weekend, they may schedule a thorough cleaning on the Monday afterward. If they’re expecting guests who will be staying for the weekend and they want to impress these guests, they may schedule a deep clean of the entire place the Thursday beforehand.

The Cost for Routine Service

When determining the cost for routine service, the company representatives consider a variety of factors. Once they know the size of the home and how many bathrooms it has, they know approximately how long it will take their workers to tidy up and get everything spotless. A house that gets very messy in between cleaning appointments will cost more to get back into fine shape than one in which the residents are relatively neat.

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