Projects Requiring the Help of Electricians Lehigh Valley, PA

The majority of homeowners should never try to complete electrical work on their own unless they have prior experience in the electrical field. Electricity can be quite complex and extremely dangerous. The fact is, licensed Electricians Lehigh Valley PA have to undergo quite a bit of training to be certified to provide these services. While some homeowners may take a DIY approach to some jobs, ones that should always include the help of professionals are highlighted here.

Upgrades to the Circuit Breaker

Electrical panels are what provide electricity to the entire home. When appliances are upgraded, in some cases, the panels will need to be updated, as well. If the old breaker box remains, it can result in blown fuses, flickering lights, and other issues.

Electricians Lehigh Valley PA can upgrade the circuit breaker panel easily, regardless of whether the new square footage is added to the home or if the old electricity is not working properly. This job can be quite complex, so it should never be handled by an amateur.

Adding USB Ports, GFCI Receptacles, and Outlets

Any quality electrician will have the ability to install extra outlets in a home or convert existing ones to GFCIs, which are ground fault circuit interrupters. In some cases, the electrical code will require that there is one outlet in the kitchen or bathroom that is a GFCI outlet. These are designed to shut the power off if water comes in contact with the outlet or if the electrical load is unbalanced to prevent a shock. However, there are quite a few older homes that don’t have this feature.

Calling an electrician for installing GFCI plugs is a must. If they are not grounded properly, it may result in a loss of power or fire down the road. Also, if extra outlets are needed, electricians can install those, as well.

Take some time to learn more about why it is essential to hire an electrician by contacting the staff from Kauffman Electric. Being informed can help prevent electrical shock or other injuries from occurring.

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