Programs at a Weight Loss Center in Louisville, KY Help People Lose Weight and Maintain Results

Statistics indicate that more than 90 percent of people who lose a substantial amount of weight on a diet eventually regain much of it. It’s no wonder that weight loss efforts can seem discouraging when keeping the pounds off is so difficult. Participating in a program at a Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY can help achieve better results. The experts there not only help clients drop pounds using healthy strategies, but they also provide clients with the psychological and practical tools to keep that weight off in the future.

People trying to maintain a lower weight after a diet may use techniques that are largely ineffective. For example, skipping one of the usual three meals is a prevalent tactic. However, research has found this to be inadvisable. For example, the National Weight Control Registry has found that skipping breakfast is a significant risk factor for gaining weight within a year after successful dieting efforts have been completed. Extending the nighttime fast into the waking hours is problematic for most people. They tend to be hungrier than normal by midday.

While participating in a program with a Weight Loss Center in Louisville KY, the individual will want to get some exercise every day, even if it’s just a walk through the neighborhood. Little bits of exercise throughout the day are important for keeping blood sugar levels regulated and burning off a few calories here and there. This person might take a stairway instead of an elevator, park a good distance from buildings and walk, and interrupt sitting time every 30 minutes by standing and taking a brief walk around the workstation. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine determined that the common habit of sitting for hours on end is an unhealthy one.

A medical weight loss center such as InShapeMD provides a customized supplement and medication regimen. This program includes vitamin B-12 injections, pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements, and prescription appetite suppressants. These products help clients stay on track with a low-calorie diet. The diet is a high-protein version that helps prevent hunger between meals. Please click here for information on this particular organization.