Professional Wasp Removal in Scottsdale AZ Prevents Danger to Humans and Pets

Many pest control services specialize in the removal or elimination of stinging insects, including various species of wasps, hornets and bees. Pest control services usually strive to save honeybees and bumble bees, since these are beneficial insects that are valuable in the pollination process. They generally are not aggressive unless they feel threatened. When it comes to certain other bugs that sting, however, the critters can easily become vicious for no apparent reason. Wasp Removal in Scottsdale AZ becomes necessary to avoid getting stung by one or more insects that decides to go on a rampage.

The most effective time to eliminate wasps in a residential setting is in spring, which is the only time the queens are out and about. Eliminating the queens prevents nesting and the development of hundreds, or even thousands, of other stinging insects. However, not everyone can get rid of the early-appearing wasps. The bigger problem occurs in late summer, when the worker insects in the clan become more prevalent as they seek out sweet substances to consume. Homeowners may be troubled to find wasps invading screened porches every day, flying above wood decks and crawling between deck boards, and generally being a nuisance. They can build inside walls and attics, and routinely come into the house. A large undisturbed nest can eventually contain some 20,000 wasps as the colony continues to grow over the warm-weather months. That situation can be dangerous for humans and pets who get near the large population of stinging creatures.

Honeybees can only sting once; they die afterwards. Wasps, in contrast, can sting again and again, making them more dangerous on an individual basis. During Wasp Removal in Scottsdale AZ, technicians safely kill the bugs in the nest before removing it. This is best done in the evening after all the wasps have returned from their chores out in the environment. Technicians from an organization such as A.S.A.P. Bee Removal also can perform a thorough inspection of the property, identifying whether other nests exist and whether certain areas have risk factors for wasp invasion. Please see the website website for more details on this pest control company.

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