Professional Lawn Care in Norfolk Enhances the Look, Feel of Area Homes

Maintaining a lawn properly can be a daunting task for busy homeowners in the Norfolk area. Other yard projects often become overwhelming, as little time is left to spend with family and friends. When having a well maintained and attractive lawn is important, consulting a professional lawn care provider may be the best option. Companies like Southern Roots Landscaping of VA ( provide the quality and scope of care that enhances the look and feel of area homes and businesses.

Lawn Care in Norfolk is more than simply mowing grass. Aerating, fertilizing and liming to encourage strong, healthy grass is also crucial. Installing new sod when necessary is also an important service, especially for new homes or when extensive landscaping projects are being carried out. Simple maintenance chores like raking leaves or removing litter also take time better spent with family and friends. Allowing a professional lawn maintenance company to take care of the property takes the pressure of maintaining a yard off home or business owners.

Trees and shrubs also require maintenance to keep them healthy and looking their best. Top area companies take care of pruning and fertilizing all plantings to encourage healthy growth. Edging of walkways, driveway areas and gardens is also important to preserve the delineation between grass and other surfaces. Installing and maintaining other landscaping elements is also a service provided by better Norfolk area lawn care specialists. Even unique projects like Koi ponds or waterfalls can be installed and maintained to enhance a home’s ambiance.

The key to having a beautiful and well maintained yard is to plan ahead. Companies providing Lawn Care in Norfolk work with property owners to not only take care of existing plantings, but also to plan for new or replacement planting to ensure a property will always look good. Flowers and shrubs, for example, need care and replacement as their lives run their course. Top area professionals can keep track of a yard’s needs and help home or business owners plan for the future. Since tastes also change, professional landscaping services take on the challenges presented by evolving tastes in landscaping, and help clients keep their properties looking their best, no matter what the season.

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