Professional HVAC Contractors Can Help You Find a Heat Pump In Ocean View, DE

One of the most energy efficient ways to cool your Delaware home is with a heat pump. While air conditioners operate by generating cool air and disbursing it throughout the home, heat pump systems work by moving warm air from one place to another. During the summer, your heat pump will move the warm air inside your home into the outdoors, efficiently cooling your home. A heat pump can also warm your home during mild weather in the fall. Your HVAC contractor can assist your when you are ready to Find a Heat Pump in Ocean View, DE.

Because heat pumps are less effective at moving air when the temperature falls below 40 degrees, a heat pump can be used with an electric furnace as back-up heat during the chilly Ocean View winter months. Your heat pump can provide comfortably warm air while the weather is mild, saving your family money on heating costs. However, when the outdoor temperature is too cold for your heat pump to move the air, it will begin to generate heat, which uses more energy and increases heating cost. When the colder temperatures set in, your furnace can provide the heat your need more efficiently.

Like air conditioners, heat pumps should be serviced annually to maintain their efficiency. Disposable filters should be changed monthly during the cooling months and reusable filters should be cleaned at least once a month while the heat pump is in use. To ensure your heat pump works as efficiently as possible, it is important to use a thermostat specifically designed for use with a heat pump, and avoid frequent temperature adjustments. Heat pumps run constantly, and temperature adjustments of a few degrees at a time can force the unit to work a lot harder to bring your entire home to the new temperature.

If you are considering switching from an air conditioner to a heat pump, be sure to use an experienced, qualified HVAC contractor. A professional contractor can help you Find a Heat Pump in Ocean View, DE that is right for your home. Like air conditioners, proper sizing is important when you choose a heat pump. Your HVAC technician will evaluate the energy efficiency and the size of your home to determine the best size heat pump to fill your needs.

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