Professional House Cleaning in Long Island: Considering Size, Rooms and Tasks to Be Completed

Long Island is home to a large number of very large houses. The residents may not want to devote a lot of time to cleaning a house with more than 3,000 sq. ft., including more than four bathrooms. Professional services for weekly House Cleaning in Long Island allow people to have a sparkling home without having to spend much time or effort on the process.

Tasks to Be Completed

Representatives with a service providing routine House Cleaning in Long Island will have several questions for the prospective customer so they can determine a reasonable price. Some homeowners want the place cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom every week. Others want specific services, like cleaning of the bathrooms along with vacuuming and dusting throughout the building. There are people who vacuum daily in the only room with carpeting in order to pick up cat hair, so they won’t need any vacuuming service.

All Parts of the House

House cleaning service reps often want to do a walkthrough of the home before deciding on a price for a weekly schedule. They’ll have already gathered information about the square footage as well as the numbers and types of various rooms. They’ll have asked about the design of the home, such as whether it’s a ranch style or one with two or three stories. When the workers have to walk up and down stairs, and perhaps have to sweep or vacuum the stairs, that’s an important consideration.

The representative also will take into account the areas that the household residents tend to forget about. Rooms often are connected by hallways, for instance, and those spaces need to be cleaned. Click here to get learn more about one particular company: Ace Home Cleaning Service.

Numbers of Residents and Guests

The number of people living in the house also has an impact on the service pricing, and the prospective customers will want to be honest about how often they have overnight guests. Eight people living in a house with five bathrooms may indicate that four out of five bathrooms are used every day. The other one may be the guest bathroom, used on weekends or only occasionally.

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