Professional Dental Care Is Available for Tooth Extractions in Elk Grove Village

Your teeth need regular maintenance, but even with the best of preventative care, you may need a tooth extraction. There may be pain, looseness, swelling of tissues or the general sense that something is very wrong. Your local dentist can provide tooth extraction in Elk Grove Village and can advise you on further treatment you may require.

Why A Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

A tooth may experience severe trauma that damage the root and may need to be extracted. Severe decay can require extraction of the entire tooth. Advanced gum disease can loosen a tooth to the extent that it must be extracted. Some individuals may have teeth that are overcrowded in the mouth and may require removal of some teeth in order to straighten and re-position them properly. A severe infection may require removal of the tooth.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Your dentist will provide a gauze pad, to hold in your mouth and bite down on to help stop bleeding from the extraction site. A cold compress held to the face will help to control discomfort and swelling. The dentist will advise you to avoid hard, crunchy and sticky foods. You should not smoke or consume alcohol after a tooth extraction. The dentist will advise you on how to clean your mouth after the extraction. You should avoid strenuous activity and try to rest to limit bleeding from the wound and to allow good healing. Over-the-counter pain relievers will help to control discomfort.

Getting a tooth removed is never a happy experience. But having an experienced dental professional can make it relatively painless and easy to heal properly. If you need a tooth extractions in Elk Grove Village, contact Schumer Family Dental Care, for professional care for all your dental needs.

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