Procedures that are Part of Auburn, WA Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many people that wish to have that perfect smile, but cannot because of anomalies such as crooked teeth, stains in the teeth and misaligned teeth. When one has a visible dental anomaly, it is very difficult to interact freely with other people and laugh in public. The great news is that Cosmetic Dentistry in Auburn WA can help rectify almost all types of dental anomalies, hide the flaws and give you the perfect smile. Here are some of the services that are offered.

Whitening and bleaching

Teeth discoloration is caused by factors such as:

1. Tooth decay

2. Fractured and chipped teeth darkening around the edges

3. Use of chemicals such as fluoride and certain drugs

4. Poor dental hygiene

5. Smoking and chewing some herbs

The extent of the discoloration is what determines the procedure that should be applied in whitening the teeth. For instance, if the stains are extrinsic (only affecting the enamel) simple whitening will suffice. However, if the stains are intrinsic, i.e., caused by fillings, root canals and decay, the dentist will have to use bleaches in combination with a special light to achieve whiteness. The good thing about whitening at the dentist’s office is the fact that results can be seen with as little as one visit.


These are shells that are made either from resin or porcelain and used to coat the surface of the teeth to strengthen the teeth and hide flaws. Dental veneers are the recommended procedure for people suffering from excessive tooth discoloration, chipping and breaking. About ½ mm of the tooth will be shaved off to create room for the veneers. They will then be attached with dental cement. Heat and light are used to activate the cement and solidify attach the veneer permanently.

Dentures and implants

Dentures are sets of prosthetic teeth and gums that are attached in the mouth of a person that has lost a number of their teeth. They basically take the place of the natural tooth. Dental implants on the other hand are titanium roots attached to the jawbone and used to support a crown.

All these are procedures that are part of Auburn WA Cosmetic Dentistry. If you want to make a correction on the way your teeth look, contact Auburn Dental Care. You can reach them through their website,

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