Procedures Done by an Oral Surgeon in Effingham, IL

Many conditions that affect the mouth and jaw require surgery to successfully repair. Some of the most common ones involve impacted teeth, damaged jaw joints, and periodontal disease. Difficult extractions may also require the services of an oral surgeon in Effingham, IL. Here is a bit more about some of the most likely reasons for needing surgery:

Difficult Extractions

Most teeth that need to be removed can be done so with a simple extraction. A surgeon is needed when a tooth is impacted, when its crown has broken off or decayed away, or when the root breaks off during a typical extraction effort. In all of these cases, there isn’t enough crown showing for a dentist to grab. That means that the gum will have to be surgically cut and pulled back in order to expose it. Once that’s done, the tooth is excised and the gum is sewn back together.

Periodontal Disease

Most periodontal disease treatments don’t require surgery. Scaling and root planing is the most popular therapy. It involves inserting tools deeply into the gums from next to the teeth to clean out bacteria and debris that are causing disease. When periodontal disease progresses too far, scaling and root planing will no longer work because the problem is seated below where even those tools can reach.

In these cases, flap surgery is used to provide full access to diseased tooth roots so that they can be properly cleaned and disinfected. With this surgery, the gums are cut and pulled back in flaps to expose the roots. Once cleaning is complete, the gums are sewn up and the patient is sent home to heal.

Jaw Joint Damage

The jaw joint, technically known as the temporomandibular joint or TMJ, can cause great pain if it or its cartilage disk is damaged. In many cases, TMJ problems will heal over time without intervention. Sometimes, however, surgery is required to put everything back into its proper position and alleviate the pain.

These are just some of the reasons you may need to visit an oral surgeon in Effingham, IL. Your dentist will refer you to a surgeon if you have these or other conditions that require operations to properly repair. Click here to learn more about surgery for the mouth, jaw, and related structures.

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