Preventing Vehicle Theft Through the Use of Technology

Vehicle tracking systems are now a vital component in fleet management as well as retrieval and recovery of vehicles that have gone missing or been stolen. Because of the global network of satellites that are capable of watching our every movement it is now far easier to find a stolen vehicle that ever before.

Tracking devices are a form of surveillance that can both help the owner or leaser of a vehicle as well as provide tracking data for them to use to motor the engine performance, the driver’s performance, the route the truck is taking, the direction in which it is traveling and other information connected to the journey or the vehicle. It is also useful for fuel monitoring, both from an economical perspective and the perspective of the owners who wish to make sure that the fuel put into the vehicle is only used in that vehicle.

Baiting for a Steal

“Bait Car’ is a TV show that perfectly illustrates exactly how vehicle tracking can benefit both the authorities and person consumers. The car is rigged to respond to a remote set of commands, held by the police in nearby surveillance vehicles. They watch the car as prospective thieves surround it and judge how easy it would be to steal. The thieves with then decide to try and take the car or walk away. If they walk the car stays put until someone else comes. When a thief gets into the car and drives away the pursuit cars follow with the remote controller. When the controller shuts off the engine of the car the doors lock automatically and there are usually some blurred out expletives when the driver realizes what has happened. The police then surround the car and arrest the perpetrator, who always seems to wonder how they knew he took the car. The point of the show is not just to illustrate how vehicle tracking technology can reduce car thefts, but also how it can show the police being successful using all manners of modern technology to keep up with the changing times. The success of modern electronics can help to wipe out car theft, or at the very least, reduce it by using tacking methods.

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