Preventing Leaking Pipes

Plumbing can be mystifying to most people. One day everything seems to be operating smoothly; the next day, you find water spreading all over the floor or through the ceiling from leaking pipes. While this may seem to occur spontaneously, without any warning, this is not the case. As professional plumbing technicians in Alpharetta GA can attest too, you can actually prevent most of these incidents from occurring.

How to Prevent your Pipes from Leaking

Replacing plumbing can be expensive. Add to this the damage sustained from water running down your walls or flooding your basement and you can easily see why instituting any protective measures is important. You have to maintain the integrity of your pipes. Experts recommend the following means of achieving this goal:

  1. Reduce Water Pressure: While you may want high water pressure when you take a shower, high levels, according to the expert plumbers in Alpharetta GA are not sustainable if you want to keep your pipes whole. If the pressure reaches over 60 psi and remains there for an extended period, the result is the build-up of water hammers. Make sure a professional sets the pressure appropriately, therefore reducing the chances of leaking pipes.
  2. Soften Water: Another way to reduce stress on your plumbing and prevent leaking pipes is to reduce the hardness of the water. Installing a water softener decreases the chances of the mineral content of the hard water causing corrosion to occur, damaging pipes and creating leaks.

Implementing these two measures can help prevent a costly plumbing problem.

Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe does not occur without cause. Behind it can be one of several causal factors. Yet, it is possible to reduce the instances of leaking pipes occurring by adopting proactive measures. In Alpharetta GA, homeowners and business managers learn to avoid the problem by making sure the water pressure is correct and by softening any hard water.

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