Preventing Disability Benefit Claim Denials with Legal Representation by a Social Security Disability Attorney in Beaver Dam, WI

When people pay into social security through their jobs, they have the right to use it when the time comes. Workers and employers pay social security taxes that are earmarked for government funds and set aside for a specific purpose. Social security funds are used for retirees, families of retired people, the disabled, and deceased workers. However, workers who become disabled may have a hard time getting social security benefits.

A social security disability attorney in Beaver Dam, WI, assists in thoroughly completing an application with a detailed description of the disability. There are set criteria that have to be met for a person to be considered disabled by the Social Security Administration. If any important information is missed that explains the nature of a disability, the claim could be denied.

Those who were denied benefits after filing a claim can appeal the decision with the help of a social security disability attorney in Beaver Dam, WI. Chances are that the claim was denied due to clerical errors or mistakes in the determination process. Attorneys know how applications are processed and what kind of errors applicants can make that lead to denied claims. Clients can help attorneys by providing them with the paperwork for the original application. They can examine its accuracy and look for inconsistencies that could be the reason for denial. A revised and fault-free application is filled out the second time around. The chances of another rejected claim are slim to none with legal representation.

Supplemental Security Income supports disabled children and adults with a limited source of income. It’s also payable to adults with financial limitations who are not disabled, but 65 or older. Supplemental security can be a little tricky as far as proving the reason for needing additional financial support.

People with disabilities of a smaller degree who can still engage in certain kinds of work may apply for supplemental security income. Their disability prevents them from acquiring substantial gainful income and qualified unearned income helps with that. The attorney really needs to get into detail when proving the disability puts restrictions on earning capacity. This information is crucial for determining eligibility. Browse the website for more details about social and supplemental security income.

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