Prevent Future Damage and Loss with Prompt Glass Replacement in Washington, DC

Bureau of Justice statistics point out an estimated 40 percent of the 2.5 million home break-ins occurring across the United States annually are somehow associated with broken window and door glass. In some cases, previously broken panes become intruders’ portals into residences whereas others are results of the invasion itself. Either way, multiple problems can ensue. Those windows broken by burglars leave a home almost twice as vulnerable to future theft and violence; at the same time, energy bills tend to skyrocket due to escaping heat and air conditioning until Glass Replacement in Washington DC has been carried out.

For businesses throughout the nation, occurrence rates and resulting losses run considerably higher. In addition to creating an alluring target for would-be wrongdoers, shattered storefronts and service entrances render an establishment far more susceptible to water damage during storms, leading to mounting losses of equipment and inventory. Most insurance providers refuse to cover vandalism and further damage in cases where due attention is not given to window replacement, leaving the business owner to pay for those losses out of pocket.

Moving on to the automotive sector, State Farm reports vehicle owners experience almost $4 billion dollars in losses each year due to hail damage alone, much of this figure stemming from cracked windshields and back glasses. Even a small crack in automotive glass can greatly reduce the vehicle’s structural integrity in the event of an accident. While continuing to drive with an obstructed view is a hazard to vehicle owners as well as others on the road, it is also against the law. Prompt repairs or Glass Replacement in Washington DC can help prevent accidents as well as extensive costs of tickets for failure to properly maintain the vehicle.

The staff of Beltway Auto & Plate Glass has seen these types of scenarios many times during their 40 years of providing services to those in Washington DC and the surrounding areas. Offering commercial, residential and automotive repairs and replacement, the team furnishes same-day services when possible. They encourage anyone in need of these types of repairs to Browse the Site to learn more about the scope of their expertise or schedule an appointment.