Preparing your Child for Childcare Changes

If you find it necessary to change your childcare regime for your kids it can prove to be a bit of a challenge for them to adjust. Preparing your child for childcare changes is your best bet so they are not suddenly thrown into a new situation without warning. Here are a few tips to help transition your child into a new care regime:

• Discuss the Change: First sit down and discuss the change with your kids. It might be because you have decided to return to work, or have been unemployed and finally found a job. Explain why you will not be available to pick them up after school and let them know how the change is necessary for the whole family. Answer their questions and make sure they get a good understanding of what is happening and why.
• Show them the New Facility: If the kids have to be at a new facility as opposed to being picked up and taken home make plans to take them to the new facility so they can see what it is like. Point out all of the wonderful new things they will be doing and the other kids they will get to meet. Let them see they will be safe and if possible see if they can participate in a few activities at the new Jacksonville afterschool program while you are there.
• Share Books: There are books about childcare you can read together to help them see it is normal and that many kids do this everyday.
• Meet Other Kids: If you know other families with kids in the same Jacksonville afterschool program see if you can arrange a play date with their kids. This way they will know kids on their first day. It is always nice to know someone when you are new somewhere and this might be the perfect way to make it easier for them. You can remind them they will get to see their new friend which might be an incentive to look forward to the day instead of being worried.
• Be There: Make sure you are there for your child if they have fears or questions about the new plans. Remember this can be a little overwhelming. It can be natural to feel frustrated with your child especially if you are feeling guilty or worried about the change and you might be less patient than usual. Offer your support and reassure them so they know they will be safe and that you love them just as much as ever.

These few tips will help prepare your child for their new childcare situation so they are better equipped to face their first day.

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