Preparing for Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL

A visit to the dentist confirms something that the patient has suspected for some time. A couple of teeth are so badly damaged that the only real solution is to remove them. Before moving forward with those Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL, it pays to make some preparations first. Here are some things to put in place before settling into the dental chair and allowing the dental professional to proceed.

Going Over Medications

Prior to the day for those Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL, have a talk with the dentist about any medications the patient currently takes. This includes over the counter products as well as prescription medicine. Some medications could interfere with the effect of the sedation used to help prevent the patient from feeling pain during the extraction process. Other medicines could thin the blood and make it harder for it to clot once the teeth are removed. Finding out what can and cannot be taken the day of the dental visit will go a long way in avoiding unnecessary complications.

Arranging Transportation

It is often a good idea to arrange some type of transportation for the trip to and from the dentist office. The effects of the sedation can impair the ability to drive for up to several hours after the procedure is completed. If no one is free to come along for the appointment, contact a local taxi service and set up fares to and from the dentist office. Even if this may seem like a little much for some people, remember that it is better to not take a chance on causing injury to self or anyone else because the sedation has not completely worn off.

Managing Pain After the Extraction

Talk with the dentist in advance about how to manage the pain once the sedation wears off. The professional can recommend over the counter products that will help with any swelling and discomfort without thinning the blood. In addition, the dentist can also recommend other approaches like the application of a cold compress to the cheek.

For those who have not seen a dentist in some time, Click Here and make an appointment today. Doing so will make it easier to correct any issues present before the need to extract one or more teeth becomes necessary.