Preparing A Child For Nursery School in Pittsburgh PA

When a child is of age to start going to nursery school in Pittsburgh, PA, there are a few steps caretakers may want to take to prepare them for the new adventures they will be experiencing in the near future. A young child may feel a bit frightened about the prospect in going to school. Here are some tips one can take to make the transition to a school day a bit easier for a child who is likely to display signs of separation anxiety.

Enroll The Child In Local Activities

If the child has some experience with socializing with other children, they may find going to nursery school a bit easier when it is time to start classes. Enroll the child in a local library reading program, a group sport activity, or a playgroup with children their own age. They will learn a few fundamentals necessary in getting along with others before the school days begin.

Ask A Trusted Friend Or Family Member To Babysit

It is a good idea to have a few sessions where the child is under the care of someone else so they can get used to being away from their primary caretaker for an extended period of time. Ask a friend or family member to babysit for the child to help them get used to listening to directions from a different adult. If the child had not had sessions with a babysitter in the past, the amount of time should be relatively short at first. Increase the amount of time the babysitter is in charge with each subsequent session.

Visit The Establishment Before Classes Begin

Many nursery schools will have an open house session for new students to investigate the area where they will be spending much of their time. At this time, the child can meet the teachers they will be seeing each day. They will also be able to see the toys they will be playing with, perhaps helping to pique interest in the experiences they will be having in the future.

When selecting a nursery school in Pittsburgh, PA, a caretaker will want to find the perfect fit for their child. Take a look at ABC’s For Children and set up a meeting to meet with the staff!

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