Prenuptial Agreements: The Business Side of Romantic Partnerships

While marriage is certainly a romantic partnership, it is also somewhat of a business partnership as well. Due to this dual nature prenuptial agreements were created to protect the financial interest of each person entering into holy matrimony. Since most couple marry for love, viewing marriage in the light of a business partnership can be difficult for some. It is obvious that at first glance prenups seem to be a world away from the typical romantic gesture, however it would be unwise to assume that a prenuptial agreement is not necessary. In fact, obtaining a prenup can help each individual feel more secure in their decision to get married in the first place.

Prenuptial Agreements Help Secure Your Future in a Worst-Case Scenario

The fact of the matter is, divorce is a very common occurrence in today’s world. While it is important to believe your marriage can stand the test of time, it is equally important to prepare for all possible outcomes. If by chance you and your significant other do end up getting a divorce, someone is going to decide how assets, finances and debts are distributed. Wouldn’t it make you feel better if that person were you? Without a prenuptial agreement these types of decisions will be made by a judge in whichever state you reside. Given that no two judges or states are the same, this leaves a lot of room for uncertainty and your potential divorce may not be resolved in your favor.

Prenups Help You Make Informed Life Choices

Taking part in a prenuptial agreement can also help you shed light on how your partner feels about maintenance. What you learn during the prenuptial process can help you make better decisions about your future family, and career. If you are looking for a prenuptial attorney in Lynbrook area, contact Kaminetzky Law & Mediation, P.C. for help. They can help educate you on the benefits of prenuptial agreements, and assist you reaching mutually fair agreements.

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