Pre-School Among Christian Schools in San Juan Capistrano CA

Providing children with a strong foundation is imperative for all types of growth and cannot begin too soon. Enrolling a child into christian schools in San Juan Capistrano CA can start as early as two-yearsold with the pre-school program. The focuses include spiritual, social, physical, emotional, and cognitive experiences that prepare children to succeed throughout their educational journeys. The private non-profit school program is open year around and caters to children ages two to six-years old.

United Approach

The highly trained faculty partner with parents to unite home, school, and church in the best interest of the child. The curriculum and activities are designed to be challenging, allow children to develop their strengths and talents, and adhere to the mission, vision, and core values as identified by school leaders at the start of the programs almost forty years ago. The pre-school program meets or exceeds all state and national standards of learning.


There are no christian schools in San Juan Capistrano CA that rival the safety and security measures of the pre-school. The building itself was designed to provide added safety with classrooms located down hallways and not close to common areas. The campus is closed which means all the exterior classroom doors are locked during school hours. Visitors have no access to the building and must be buzzed in at the main door where there is a check-in procedure and security visitor passes.

Security includes extensive training for all faculty and staff in safety measures and emergency systems are tested in compliance with state laws. Video surveillance is used for the exterior and interior of the campus. Outside play areas are secured with high fences. A path is set aside from the playground for safe tricycle riding to avoid children accidentally hitting each other.

Tuition and Fees

Parents can browse our website for detailed information regarding tuition, fees, payment plans, and tuition assistance. Factors for total costs include the number of children attending per family, days per week attended, and if extended hours are needed. Details regarding the mission and vision are also available for review. Giving children the best chance at success in a changing world begins with a well-rounded education.

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