Pre-Referral Interventions Help Meet Student’s Specific Needs

Students grow and develop behavioral and academic skills during their school years. When students struggle or fall behind their peers, teachers may recommend pre-referral interventions to evaluate the specific needs of the student. This can lead to custom learning plans to help them thrive.

Elementary Students

Kids in primary and elementary schools can develop habits that will assist them through high school graduation, higher education and beyond. When addressing this age group, pre-referral interventions focus on pace and progress through the curriculum, as well as emotional growth or stability.

In this age group, the approach should foster a goal-oriented mindset that is balanced with calming energy. The children practice calming routines every day, tailored to their developmental stage. Often, students learn to pay closer attention to their inner voice, thoughts and emotions, in order to help them manage and communicate their feelings. Positive reinforcement is sprinkled in to keep the young minds motivated and inspired.

Tier 1 & Tier 2

Within a classroom, there are skills that all students need to learn, often called Tier 1. There are also students, categorized as Tier 2, who need an extra level of assistance with their skill building. In Tier 1, all students learn the vocabulary, skills, and mindset to find healthy success in school and life. In Tier 2, support is given to struggling students, sometimes one to one. This additional support can also benefit from collaboration and open communication between parents, school counseling teams and social-emotional instructors.

Online and Offline Support

Creating daily structure that supports students is a key part of making changes and seeing progress. Online programs can help teachers and students to access each lesson as the schedule allows, making it easier to progress over time. Each lesson has action items to apply the offline world. Reflection and application in daily life helps cement learning.

To understand how SEL programs within pre-referral interventions can help students both in and out of the classroom, contact EmpowerU.

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