Powder Coating Services – A Brief Overview

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Business

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There are several steps that typically go into any powder coating service. Depending on what you need to be done, most powder coating companies provide at least standard services that will ultimately make your end product have the highest quality coating available. Typically, you can choose from such powder coating services as sand blasting, chemical washing, powder coating and more. To get a better understanding of what exactly each of these processes or procedures includes, here’s a quick overview of the powder mentioned above coating services.

Sand Blasting
Sandblasting is one the many pre-treatment options you can choose to prepare your project for the coating process. Typically, step one of any coating process involves the removal of dirt, oils, greases and other debris. To remove any unwanted debris or dirt, it is common to use different chemical based removers or pre-treatments, which is more than okay the majority of the time. However, if your project is more delicate in nature of the material, you man want to consider sand blasting as it can gently strip away corrosion or debris without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals. Additionally, sand blasting tends to leave more of a consistent finish than when chemical treatments are used.

Chemical Washing
Chemical washing, as previously mentioned, removes a variety of potential contaminants –dirt, dust, etc. If your project is more durable, then chemical washing can safely remove any contaminants. Most companies that offer chemical washing use phosphate free pre-treatment solutions.

Powder Coating
The actual application of powder is actually the second step in the three-step powder coating process. There are a multitude of powders that can be selected for the coating of your project. Once again, depending on the composition of your project certain powders may work better than others. For example, if your project needs to have a powder coating with high-quality weathering properties than a Polyester Urethane Powder or an Acrylic Urethane would be a good choice. If, on the other hand, your project is more of an indoor product you may want to consider an Epoxy Polyester Hybrid Powder. Ultimately, if you are not sure exactly which of the many available powder coating services or processes will work best for your project, you can speak with a powder-coating expert for professional assistance.