Potential Signs of Slab Leaks in San Diego

The use of concrete for slab construction is widespread. But like most materials, it does have its flaws. The biggest flaw in this substance is that it is porous. Any porous material will absorb water from the surrounding area and swell. This will eventually cause cracking which can lead to major leaks. These are some of the signs of a potential leakage.

Minor cracks running through the concrete are an indication of potential Slab Leaks in San Diego. Cracks are a sign that the concrete itself has already suffered damage. Over time, these types of cracks will get worse. This can eventually lead to a complete breakage of the slab. Sealing them while they are still small can prevent greater damage later on.

Growth of organisms on the concrete is another indication of potential leakage. Organisms like to grow on moist objects. They can come in different colors such as green, black and even white splotches. While this is not typically the hazardous mold, the moist surface does give them an ideal growing environment. Many of these organisms have root systems that get into invisible cracks. As they grow, the roots will expand into the cracks making them worse. These organisms will also prevent the concrete from drying out completely and can create a slipping hazard.

Consistently moist soil around and underneath the concrete is another indication of Slab Leaks in San Diego. The high moisture levels will cause water to leach into the pores of the concrete. As weather conditions change, this water will expand and contract. The force of the expansion is enough to cause the concrete to break apart. While the soil may dry out on very hot days, this can also pose a problem. Dry soil will shrink and cause shifting under the slab. This can undermine the slab’s foundation and cause uneven breakage to occur.

While slabs are designed to carry the strength of many things, water is their potential enemy. By spotting leaks early, the slabs can be reinforced to withstand the ravages of the water. Contact Workright Plumbing if any of these potential problems appear in the slab. It is likely that water is an issue.

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