Potential Difficulties In Applying To MSRS For Retirement Benefits In MN

In Minnesota, one of the largest providers of pension services for employees across the state is MSRS or the Minnesota State Retirement System. This system has been in existence since 1929 and was put in place by the Legislature of MN to address state employees, employees of the Metropolitan Council and those working in the state University system (Minnesota State and the University of Minnesota) who are not faculty employees.

Currently, there are approximately 56,000 active members of the system, and there are almost as many, 44,000 retirees and survivors receiving benefits. These plans are designed to meet specific employment options, including plans for general employees, correctional employees, state patrol, judges, and legislators and constitutional officers.

In addition to the defined benefit pension plans offered, the MSRS also offers a deferred compensation plan, a health care savings plan and an unclassified plan that is typically reserved for specific elected individuals and is mandatory.

Issues to Consider

In most cases, application to the MSRS retirement plans is very straightforward and uncomplicated. Issues can occur if clerical errors have been made or an employee has not been recognized in a change of position that impacts their status for retirement eligibility.

In other cases, particularly when applying for MSRS disability through the specific employee plan, it can become more challenging. Not only will the employee have to prove the disability occurred at work, but also that it is a total or permanent disability that prevents the individual from continuing their current job or finding other gainful employment.

Working with an experienced MN personal injury attorney with extensive knowledge of the disability plans and requirements is essential. These professionals can ensure all medical records and documentation to support the application is submitted with the MSRS application for disability, reducing the risk of denial of the claim.

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