Potential Benefits of Using Computer Glasses in Loveland, CO

These days people spend quite a long time each day in front of various types of screens. Many jobs require people to sit in front of a computer most of the day. This can cause what’s sometimes caused computer vision syndrome. Symptoms include dry eyes, dizziness, double vision, red eyes, blurred vision and neck or back strain. This may be partly due to difficulties getting your eyes to focus properly on the screen for long periods or to quickly switch between focusing on the screen and the keyboard. One way to limit the risk of this is to use Computer Glasses in Loveland CO.

The Basics

These glasses are different than the regular glasses people wear to fix their vision. They’re specially made to limit the eye strain that’s caused by staring at screens for hours each day. For example, Computer Glasses in Loveland CO typically have an anti-reflective coating to limit the glare that occurs as light bounces off the computer monitor. They are also sometimes tinted to make it so the screen’s contrast is increased.

Lens Types

People who don’t have any other vision-related problems except those caused by working in front of a screen can opt for single vision computer glasses, while those that typically need some type of vision correction may need either occupational progressive lenses or occupational bifocal or trifocal lenses, depending on the vision issues that they have to deal with. The lenses on computer glasses are formulated for intermediate vision, meaning a distance of between 20 and 26 inches. This is further away than reading glasses, which are for near vision, but closer than driving glasses, which are for distance vision.

Potential Benefits

These glasses make it so it’s not as necessary to hunch over and lean closer to the monitor to better see the screen and also help to reduce the strain on your eyes caused by staring at computer screens for extended periods of time. Just keep in mind that these glasses are only meant for computer use, not for regular reading or driving or general purpose use.

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