Potential Benefits and Risks of Testosterone Therapy

Many people find the allure of testosterone therapy pretty attractive, but the truth is that many people have a number of misconceptions about what this type of therapy really can and cannot do for you. For those who are getting older, this kind of hormone therapy might seem like a great formula for increasing energy and muscle mass and decreasing body fat.

However, there are both benefits and risks with low testosterone treatment in Manhattan Beach. There are also many known and unknown things about the therapy. We’ll consider what we do know below.

Testosterone is a hormone. It’s largely produced in the testicles. For men, testosterone can help to maintain sex drive, production of sperm, body and facial hair, bone density, muscle mass and strength, production of red blood cells, and fat distribution.

As men get older, the level of testosterone in your body will decrease. Mayo Clinic explains that this might cause a reduction of about 1% a year after the age or 30 or 40. However, there are other reasons that aging occurs. Some signs and symptoms of aging might include changes to emotions, changes in the way you sleep, and changes in your sexual function.

Many of the men who have started testosterone therapy report feeling more vigorous and younger. It can lead to a more positive mood and increase your sexual appetite. It also can provide you with more muscle mass and the performance to maintain it at the gym. Some patients who have undergone low testosterone treatment in Manhattan Beach also say they feel more assertive and balanced overall. All in all, most people who choose this type of therapy find that they are pleased with the results.

Of course, there are some risks of testosterone therapy, too. Some of the more severe problems that testosterone therapy can contribute to are adult acne, along with other skin conditions, lower sperm production, and increased risk of deep vein thrombosis. It can also contribute to sleep apnea and in some cases it can cause an increase to the size of the breasts.

It is therefore crucial to be supervised by an experienced medical staff in order to deliver the correct therapies at the correct dosages.

If you are considering treatment for low testosterone in Manhattan Beach, there is nowhere better to visit than Advanced Hormone Replacement. We offer treatment options that can help with many symptoms of aging. If you are interested in learning more or booking a consultation you can reach our office at 833-DOCS-AHR.

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